Lady Wolfsong (ladywolfsong) wrote in bi_fem_singles,
Lady Wolfsong

looking to connect with other bisexual women...

I'm looking to make friends and possibly eventually have a relationship. I am currently in a relationship with a man and want one with a woman too. I'm hoping for a lifetime relationship, I'm not into casual sex.


1. Age
2. Location
Vermont, United States
3. Status
in a relationship with a man, looking for a woman
4. Describe Your Ideal Mate (Tall, Short, Slender,Thick, Blonde, Etc)
curvy, 5'2"-5'8"
5. Places you Can be Reached (AIM, Email, Yahoo, Etc)
email, Yahoo nokomiswolfsong

more about me:
     I'm looking for a woman to be good friends with, and then let anything else develop naturally, if it does. Mostly, I need a good friend. My best female friend lives in Missouri...makes it hard to get together. I haven't seen her in 3 years.
     I have a man in my life who I'm very happy with, but I am looking for things only a woman can give me, and I'm not necessarily talking sexual. (Although that IS part of it). I want a woman's support, empathy, and someone who gets that I'm kind of a girly girl and is okay with that, or even finds it a plus. I LOVE the color pink, and glittery sparkly things. Pink roses are my favorite flower, and I still love some children's things, such as collecting stuff with Belle from Beauty and the Beast. (I do, however, enjoy adult things too of course. And wolves are my favorite animal, my spirit guides. Also, there is a touch of leather in with my lace.) Are you someone who could get excited with me over the feminine side of life? Can I show you a snowglobe with glitter and fairies and have you "get it" and be happy, or are you the type to roll your eyes?
      I am extremely attracted to women, but not all women (though I'm picky about men too!) I have been sexually active with a woman, and would like to be again, but prefer men for the most part sexually. My ideal relationship, I think, would be to have a very close woman friend to explore with sexually, to develop a strong relationship with, but with her knowing that my relationship with M, (My on-and-off boyfriend), is vitally important to me as well and I need a relationship with both of them.
I prefer Playboy to Playgirl, and will only watch girl-on-girl porn. I love to look at womens' bodies (those I am attracted to). I love the softness and the curves. I prefer my women on the feminine side. I guess that's it for now! Feel free to ask me more...

pic of me:  
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