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Just Saying Hi

1.) Age:
16, soon to be 17.
2.) Location:
Beaverton, OR, USA.
3.) Status:
I have a boyfriend, but I'd really like a girlfriend to add to my life.
4.) Describe Your Ideal Mate (Tall, Short, Slender,Thick, Blonde, Etc):
Not TOO much taller than me (I'm 4'10"). I also don't like it when girls where ten pounds of makeup every day. Girls who are borderlining on annorexic are not attractive to me, either. I don't really have a preference as far as eye color or hair color goes. Race does NOT matter to me. As long as you're open-minded and you have a lot to say (and a good sense of humor), I'm all for it! ^.^
5.) Places you Can be Reached (AIM, Email, Yahoo, Etc):
AIM- Mistyxeyes16
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