le froggy (vivxbutterfly) wrote in bi_fem_singles,
le froggy


Hi my name is Viviana ..
1. Age:: 22
2. Location:: Cali- Laguna hills
3. Status:: single- bi
4. Describe Your Ideal Mate:: o.O.. this was a hard one.. I dont judge people.. but i guess.. I would like them to be taller then me.. dark hair.. open minded, is still into having a good time, would need to be around my age or older.. 20-22 is fine... I love to read.. so I guess she/ he would not mind having stack's of books falling over them.. ^^;; kidding.. Im still into anime and RPG games mostly PS2 games..
5. Places you Can be Reached:: vivxbutterfly@yahoo.com

people say Im a nice person.. well most of the time, It's a bit hard for me to open up due to pervious relationships. i fear getting hurt again so I'm looking for someone who is patient.

^^ I'm mostly hoping to make friends who are into the same things that i am.. or can relate to being judged for being different.
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